Co-creating a heart centred world from a real life hobbit village:

Nature connection, live music, mantra, fire, high vibrational food, dance, connection to spirit and tribe.

25-28th February

Cae Mabon, Snowdonia.

Last few spaces available!

Lead by: Laura Reeves, Josh Swords, Lewis Dafydd & Chantelle Blackwood

Somewhere deep in the wilderness at the base of mount Snowdon there is a path leading to a world you’ve only dreamt of in fairytale. Surrounded by waterfalls, mountain ranges and wild nature, you will discover a real life Shire complete with hobbit holes, round houses, stone circles and exquisite Celtic design, arising from the land. 

This is the scene we welcome you into for 3 days and nights of exploration and cosmic connection you may have never before touched on, and the creation of a community based on trust, love and acceptance. 

Over these 3 days we will explore the nature of the psyche and cosmos through the medicine of the plants; be reminded of the true power and magic of the land through Celtic Shamanism, vision quests, waterfall immersions, fire circles and deep nature connection, and experience the magick within our bones as we crack our hearts open with music medicine, heart opening mantra, play, releasing inner blockages and exploring living the more beautiful way that our hearts know is possible. 

Our intention for this weekend is that you would have dived deep within your soul and remembered your essence as a divine being; experienced life unfolding in its natural flow as you deepen into the rhythm of your heart’s calling; and cleared away any stagnation and trauma preventing you from living in true flow and connection with nature, your deepest self and divine Grace/the flow of life.

Day 1: Friday
Arrive by 4pm 
Become acquainted to this magical place in your own time 
Opening circle//Cacao ceremony 
Dinner & Fire: Live music, mantra, song & stories of Celtic myth and land magick
Hot tub 

Day 2: Saturday 

Meditation and movement/Elemental QiGong 
Breakfast - light grounding meal
Opening circle   
Emotion Release/Shadow Workshops

Nature Connection
Sharing circle

Dinner/Freetime/Jam/Chill/hot tub

Day 3: Sunday 

Morning meditation 
Nature immersion
Movement, mantra meditation workshop 
Cold water immersion and breathwork 
Emotional release work 
Vision Quest 
Connection work 
Musical fire circle//Hot Tub 

Day 4: Monday 

Deep integration circle 
Land gratitude ceremony 
Shamanic intention prayer 
Lunch/Closing Circle

The Venue

In an oak forest clearing… by a rushing river… near the lake… at the foot of Snowdon… is the Cae Mabon Eco-Retreat Centre. At its heart is a thatched Celtic Roundhouse, home to many convivial evenings of fireside story and song. Circling this hub-hearth is a family of seven elegant dwellings made from strawbales, cedar logs, cob, stone, thatch, turf, timber and hempcrete

The Facilitators

All the facilitators bring their own unique essence. Combined, offering a vast wealth of experience, knowledge and variety in their work. Accumulated from years of study, deep soul exploration, medicine journeys and more. Be held in deep love through a marriage of many traditions, practices and heart opening journeys. Allowing you to drop deep into your inner world, connecting to who you truly are, moving towards a more heart centred way of being.

Laura Reeves

Infinite Experience

Laura Reeves is creative director and founder of Infinite Experience, creating experiences designed to ignite oneness and release illusions of separation. She has designed and held workshops and interactive performances on physical release and heart connection all over the world and is excited to be holding space, a physical medicine for the body and soul.

Josh Swords

Somatic Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, Bodywork

Joshua has a background that combines leading edge western science with ancient eastern tradition, having studied neuroscience and trauma. Specialising in somatic tools, breathwork and bodywork to reconnect people to their divinity, their essence, who they truly are. Empowering people through healing to live a more free and empowered life, with a deeper connection to self, others and spirit.

Lewis Dafydd & Chantelle Blackwood
Bringing a beautiful weaving of soulful harmonies, Lewis and Chantelle guide people back inside themselves. Through medicine music, mantra and movement they clear energetic stagnation, shift trauma stories, while inviting a connection to presence and deeper alignment with spirit. Their offerings are gateways to the infinite.


There are a variety of accomodation structures at Cae Mabon, each taking 3-5 people: Hobbit huts, cob cottages, cabins and more. All accomodation is lit by solar power and is warmed by gas heaters. Beds come with mattresses, pillows, pillow cases, fitted sheets and spare blankets. Please bring your own sleeping bag or duvet. A bedding bundle (duvet and towel) can be hired for £10 per day. Facilities include a washroom, shower hut, an elegant composting loo and a hot tub by the river.

In short, you will be sharing with 2 - 4 others max - and possibly in your own space depending on our bookings.

Low Income








Due to high demand 3 last minute budget places now available. The accommodation for this space is in communal roundhouse, so please consider possibility of people being around this space in the evenings after activities.

If you wish to stay in your van, you are also able to book this ticket and specify you are staying in your camper by email to us at

Thank you!



If you would like to talk further, or have any questions about this magical retreat we would love to hear from you.